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Bird Repellent Devices

The homescape creations bird repellent devices are beautiful reflective scare rods. They have a cool spiral dish on the navel which is designed to deter birds from spending time in your home. The 6 bonus hanging hooks make it easy to add this rod to your home'sode. And finally, the meta description for the product says "innovative design with 6 bonus hooks to hang". The birdspotting rod is the perfect piece of equipment to keep your home prepared for the next bird attack. With its reflective design and six bonus hooks, you'll make sure your home is always ready for the next attack.

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This bird repellent device is a holographic reflector that emits a fear in the form of a bird. It is perfect foraying dogs or other animals who are looking for fear in the air. This device can also be used to protect home from noise and energy attacks.
this is a great set of 24 reflective double-sided bird deterrent discs for use in your bird repellent applications. The discs are high-reflectivity, which makes them effective at preventing bird aggression and helping keep other birds away. The value pack contains 24 discs, making it a perfect set for use in multiple applications.
the 16 part set of bird repellent devices comes with a deterrent device for woodpeckers and pigeons, a bell for birds fisa spinner mobiles app and deterrent for birds. The devices are also steel with stainless steel reflector that will make a strong ringing noise when in use.